Best Buy Laptop Buying Guide [year]

This is the best buy laptop buying guide %year% It describes steps and which laptop should i buy quiz which will help you in choosing the best laptop.

Alright, so it looks like you are someone who is planning to buy a laptop. Well, in this modern world where almost everything is going online, a laptop or a PC Computer is more of a must. Now, you might be someone who travels a lot, or maybe is a college student, or just need portability. Whatever the case might be, the thing is that you have your valid reason for going with a laptop instead of a Computer System.

Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide
Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide

Anyways, now if you go out on the Internet finding some good picks for a "good laptop" then the chances are that you would not be able to make a choice since there are a lot of options to choose from. And to be honest, everyone has different picks and therefore should make a choice of keeping those needs in mind. So, here we are with our Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide.

Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide

Here, in this Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide of GeekSane, we would try to help you out so that you can make a perfect choice for your laptop. We have divided this guide into multiple steps in order to make the task of choosing a perfect laptop more effective. With that being clear that being said, let us jump right into it. Should we?

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Calculate your needs

laptop buying guide indiaThe first step of our Ultimate Laptop buying Guide India is calculating your needs. Now, what do we even mean by calculating our needs, you might ask. Well, here we mean that you should analyse your needs and see for what purpose you want to buy a laptop for. Are you a blogger? A marketer? A programmer? or maybe a graphic designer.

All of the above users require different configurations. Well, this is a very crucial step since You would only be able to choose a good laptop if you exactly know for what purpose do you need it. Makes sense. Right? So go and analyse your needs. Find out what you would be actually doing with a laptop. Once you have calculated your needs, you can proceed with the next steps.

Know your Budget

cheap laptop buying guideOnce you have calculated your needs and you know for what exact purpose you need a laptop for, the next step would be to know your budget. Now, everyone has their own budget which they can spend on a laptop. And it's completely fine if you are low on a budget. Low budget does not mean that you would have to compromise on your dreams or in this case, the laptop.

So, go and know your budget. Maybe, take a pen and paper and do some maths. Just an estimate about how much you can spend on a laptop will do the job. Once you have done maths and got an idea about How much you can spend on a laptop, you can proceed with the next steps.

Understand How specs work

laptop buying guide 2018Once you got an estimate about how much you can spend on your new laptop, the next step of our Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide is to understand how specs work. This is another crucial step as with the help of this step, you would be able to understand which specs you should pay attention to which in turn will help you in catering your needs. For instance, it does not make sense to buy a laptop with 4 GB GTX 1050ti GPU when all you gonna do is use MS Word and Excel. Right?

Well, here we have broadly classified the needs of people into four categories:

• For Gaming/ Video Editing:

The first category is for those of you who are looking forward to doing gaming or edit some Videos on your laptop. Now, how can we even relate the Gaming with Video Editing? You might ask. Well, there is. For both of these requirements, you need quite similar configurations.

The configuration we are talking about here should have a powerful CPU, something which belongs to 7th - 8th generation above i3 can do the job. The main focus here should be on the GPU. You should consider getting a powerful GPU which has enough memory and horsepower. Coming to the RAM, 8 GB RAM will be good enough, even 4 GB might do the job when configured with other good components.

• For Marketers/ Bloggers/ Other Light/ General Users:

Alright, so are you a blogger? A marketer? Or maybe you are someone who wants to buy a laptop for your office work. Whether you are a traveller or a student. This will cater to the needs of most of the people who are willing to buy a laptop for general use which can include light gaming, photo editing, browsing, Documents and spreadsheet editing. Now, let us talk about what you should look for.

As far as the CPU is concerned, anything above i3 6th Gen will do the job. For RAM,  4 GB or higher RAM would be a good pick. Now, you should only take a look at the GPU if you are going to do Gaming or Video Editing on it. The thing that you should consider more on is a bigger battery which will go a long way.

• For Programmers:

Now, for all the Geeks out there. Since you are a geek, the chances are that you already know much about your needs and what configuration will work best for you. Anyways, it actually depends on what kind of programmer you are. For instance, if you are a Web Developer or Designer the configuration For Marketers/ Bloggers/ Other Light/ General Users can do the job for you. On the other end if you are an iOS App developer, then a MacBook would be a better pick.

Anything above i5 7th Gen along with 8 GB of RAM will do the job. A lot of programmers prefers going with a MacBook due to the reliability and performance it offers. So if you have a budget, you can consider going with a MacBook to cater your programming needs.

• For Entertainment:

And finally the last but certainly not the least, we have the users who are looking for a laptop which can cater to your entertainment purposes. Here, by entertainment, we assume that you are someone who watches a lot of movies, Netflix series and more. Well, you should not really care much about the Processor, GPU and RAM.

But, the thing you should consider is a better display, clear audio and good battery life. This is because a better screen will give you a good watching experience. Audio goes without saying much too, you will be watching a lot of movies and series. Good battery life is also essential since you would be watching a lot of videos continuously.

Look out for Products

laptop buying guide 2019Alright, so now we think that you are able to understand what specs you should look for in a laptop. Now, you can start looking out on the Internet and take a look at the offerings which are available within your budget. Also, keep a look at their specifications and see if it caters to your needs. You can also take a look at the listicles posts which are available on the Internet to narrow down the products.

Now, here's something which we would not recommend you do so, Don't run behind brands. We see a lot of people every day saying that they will buy an "XYZ Brand" Laptop. That does not make sense at all to us. The thing you should look for is the specifications. Rest any brand with a good identity in the market will do the job.

Keep an eye on Offers:

what laptop should i buy quizAnd finally, the last but for sure not the least, we have the keep an eye on offers step in our ultimate laptop buying guide. Now, tell us this, Who does not like saving money? We at the GeekSane do. You are here reading this post on ultimate laptop buying guide, so the chances are that you do as well.

Now, there are some really good tools and extensions out there which can show you coupons, upcoming sale and more. So once you have decided which laptop you want to buy this year, all you gotta do is add the product to the wishlist and see if there are any upcoming sale or offers. If there are some, then it would be worth waiting. Else, simply go ahead and purchase it. You can thank us later!

So that's it guys, this was our take on Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide. We hope that this guide helped you in making a choice for which Laptop you should buy this year. So what are you waiting for? Leave down in the comments which laptop you ended up buying.