5 Growth Hacks To Gain More Followers on Instagram That Still Work

Instagram is one of the most simple and popular social media platforms, optimized for generating more followers. There are over a billion monthly active users on Instagram, which means an untapped follower count.

for some time and still cannot gain more followers every month, you are probably doing something wrong.

Instagram is a visual platform, and what does not feel appealing may not sell. So, having unique and eye-grabbing visual content is the first step. However, since Instagram is already populated, many people may not even see your content.

ave a solid plan before launching an Instagram profile to gain popularity and maximize follower count. If you do not have a robust and time-tested method, the chances are high that you might stumble in a few steps and not increase your follower base.

y about these problems anymore. The easiest way to increase your follower base is by registering with a reputed ig growth agency to help you succeed in this regard.

Read on to know about the top-5 time-tested growth hacks that you can use to maximize followers.

The Top-5 Proven Growth Hacks For Instagram Followers in 2020

It is All in the Numbers!

If you want to enhance your follower count on Instagram, you need to connect with a broader audience. It is necessary to get more people talking about you to gain a spurt of growth in your follower count.

ing steps, you may expect to see massive growth in your Instagram account:

  • Capture and target followers of influences and brands in your niche - For this, the first thing you should perhaps do is take a look at the most popular hashtags in your niche and find the most popular posts with the hashtag. Now, check out their followers and follow them. People will most likely follow you back if you belong to the same niche.
  • Comment and like on posts regularly - Search all related hashtags in your niche, and find accounts of people. Instead of following the accounts, you can also engage with them through likes and thoughtful comments.
  • Make a habit of posting every day at a specific time - The most important thing for success in any field is consistency. It would be best to get the followers hooked on to you and make yourself a part of their routine.
  • Use hashtags - Use about five to ten hashtags that are relevant to your topic in each post.

Create A Unique Narrative

The following steps will direct you into building your unique narratives that people can relate to:

  • Understanding your target group - Before diving any more in-depth, you need to understand the group of people you are targeting. Try to research, analyze, and draw out as many metrics as possible to understand your target group. Whether it is the age group, location, gender, work, attire - every little bit helps. This will help you brainstorm ideas for content.
  • Decide your narrative - After understanding your audience group, now it is time to create the content. Make sure you consider the past and present states of the target group along with their future aspirations. While creating the narrative, also make sure to connect it to your brand.
  • Center your posts around your narrative - Create content that revolves around your narrative. Doing so will help you to provide different angles to your story. Also, please take note of user interactions and develop the narrative around them.

Partner with Influencers

On Instagram, the fastest way to get more growth is through partnering with influencers.

a tremendous dedicated fan base. If you can capture influencers' attention and partner with them, you can get a massive audience on your post, which equates to more followers.

find an influencer on Instagram and convince them to get involved in your work. Your work can become a lot easier if you have an Instagram marketing company handle your campaign, and convince influencers to take up your offer.

Additionally, these companies are well acquainted with influencers and can help you get the help that you need. If you cannot afford to work with an agency, you can always look for micro-influencers with lower follower count and lesser fan power. 

Create a Brand

The biggest reason why Instagram accounts lose followers is that they are too promotional in their posts.

-minded approach like a salesperson, where all you want to do is sell, you need to make people fall in love with your brand by spreading awareness. This will help you make an authentic space for yourself among your followers.

Additionally, you can use branded hashtags, which will allow you to be visible among people searching the hashtags. It would help if you can also promote your brand, and one of the best ways to do so is by announcing contests and giveaways. You can ask people to comment on something with your hashtags, thus leaving a brand footprint on Instagram.

Make Your Instagram Profile Search Friendly

After following the previous growth hacks, you will have many people talking about you, promoting your brand, and sharing your content.

ting many backlinks from branded hashtags, you will still be unable to reach many people if you are not adequaindexing by Google, your profile and content need to have search visibility.

The following tips will help you in solving the problem:

  • Use geotags wherever possible.
  • Complete your profile and link it to your other accounts
  • Use the same keywords in profile and content.
  • Share on multiple channels.


Life without Instagram is unimaginable today, and everyone feels stressed about increasing their follower count. However, it is easy to get more followers if you know growth techniques.

lowing and commenting on other people's accounts, sharing a narrative, partnering with influencers, creating a brand, and increasing the profile's visibility. 

brand awareness by sending links of your Instagram giveaways on multiple social media channels or arrange polls and discussions centered around the brand. Although they are old processes, they still work even to this date.

Additionally, you can also reach out to an instagram marketing company to help you grow your followers authentically.