What You Need to Know About Video Marketing as a Beginner

As a budding business in the digital age, you need to focus on content marketing to make waves and get traffic. This principle holds for businesses of all sizes and types. Video marketing is an integral part of an effective content marketing strategy. 

s and improved access, it is no surprise that people are watching videos at an exponential rate. YouTube plays host to billions of videos and users, making it the premier platform for video content. If you plan to in

Video marketing refers to using and including videos in marketing campaigns and strategies. You can use videos to boost your brand awareness, launch products and services, cater to customers, and so on. 

Why use Video Marketing?

If you are wondering why you should consider going for something like HubSpot video marketing, here are a few reasons: 

Video marketing helps you boost your online presence

You cannot survive in the digital world without an online presence. Creating content online helps you show people that you exist. Video marketing is an effective way to do this because videos are more engaging than other forms of content. 

People are more likely to click and watch videos than reading blog posts. If they like what they see, they will most likely share it on their social media news feeds. Want to build an online presence? Video marketing can do that for you. 

Helps you build trust

Becoming a credible and trustworthy option in your audience's eyes is vital to get leads, convert, and retain them. Videos can do more than blog posts and infographics to build trust and convince your audience to respond to your Call-to-Action (CTA). Why? Because videos are more personal than other forms of content. 

Increases your social shares and engagement

Given how millions of people are on social media, you can expect to find your target audience on most social media platforms. Social media users post content all day long, which means you need to get them to post your content to increase traffic and engagement. 

get engagement, you need to post engaging content that evokes emotions. People generally share videos that evoke a feeling, which is why videos that engage your emotions and imagination tend to stand out. Want to drive traffic and increase engagement? Make valuable videos that reek of emotion. 

Drive-up your sales

As mentioned, videos are relatively more real. They humanize your brand, help you improve your online presence, and boost your brand awareness. Besides helping you generate leads, videos help you convert and retain them. 

ater to prospects and customers, depending on their requirements. You can create instructional videos for customers who already have your products, introductory brand videos for first-time visitors, and go live to answer questions and engage your audience. 

What are the primary types of video marketing?

Before you look for a free video editing software, here are the main types of video marketing that you should be aware of: 


Tutorials or instructional videos are vital. It is not enough to get your prospect to buy your product or service. You need to make sure they get value from it, which means you need to show them how to set it up and use it. If you want to retain customers, this is key. 

FAQ Videos

You can use videos to answer frequently asked questions. It is an excellent way to save time while simultaneously, helping your customers and followers. 


While written testimonials work well, video testimonials are more effective. Testimonials show your prospects that your product works, and address common issues and concerns, thereby enabling you to build trust with your audience. 

Educational videos

Most of your content should be educational. Educational videos help you tackle concepts, ideas, and problems of all types. You can post long videos or short ones depending on your objective. An excellent way to market your videos is to shoot long videos for YouTube and repurpose it for other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and redirect your followers to your YouTube video. 

Company culture videos

Here's another excellent idea for video content, which works well if you plan on hiring talent. Your potential employees need to know what they can expect from your company before they consider joining. Company culture videos can help you show your viewers a glimpse of your company. 

Promotional videos

Announce your brand's existence through promotional videos. You can shoot small promotional videos as a way to introduce yourselves to your target audience. Be sure to specify what your brand is about and what your audience can expect from you. You can also post promotional videos to announce any brand updates or announcements you may have in store. 

360° Experience Videos

Want to get creative? Consider creating some 360° videos. Several local businesses create such videos to show potential customers what their entire location looks like. This format works very well if you want to give potential buyers, clients, or employees a virtual tour of your house, property, or office campus. 

video marketing is critical to your success as a business if you want to cement your online presence in the digital world.