Download Ios 13 Stock Wallpapers

In this post, we have shared the iOS 13 Wallpapers. You can easily download the iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers collection free. These are 4k iOS 13 wallpapers.

Alright, so just in case if you missed it, Apple finally released a new version of iOS. Yes, we are talking about the brand new iOS 13 which the Apple announced at the WWDC, World Wide Developer Conference which was held a few days back. Apple announced some more products including much-awaited Mac pro, the long-rumoured iPadOS, macOS Catalina, the Apple Pro Display XDR. Anyways, coming back iOS 13 to the iOS 13, this time around Apple finally decided to go with a darker theme. Now, it is really great to see the Company listening to the feedback of users and finally bringing a system-wide dark mode with the iOS 13. Anyways, looking at the iOS 13, the first thing which might grab your attention is the set of Wallpapers.

Download iOS 13 Wallpapers
Download iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers

The iOS 13 comes with some of the most beautiful wallpapers seen on any Device. There are a total of 8 wallpapers in the iOS 13. And as you might have already guessed by the post title. Today, in this post, we would be sharing all the Download iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers with you guys. Sounds interesting? Wanna download and try out the iOS 13 wallpapers on your device? Well, if that's the case, then let us jump right into it. Should we?

Download iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers

As we already mentioned earlier, iOS 13 comes with some of the most beautiful looking wallpapers. That’s the reason why we have been getting a lot of requests from our users for the iOS 13 Wallpapers. iOS 13 Plus comes with a total of 8 Stock Wallpapers. Now, some guys (we don’t know the names) were able to port the stock wallpapers of the iOS 13 and here, we would be sharing the same. All the wallpapers on the iOS 13 are of 3208 x 3208 Pixels 4K Resolution. 

iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers Preview

You can take a preview of the Stock Wallpapers of the iOS 13 below:

Note: The wallpapers below are just for preview purposes. These are compressed in order to make the site load faster and to ensure that you guys get a great user experience. They are not the actual iOS 13 wallpapers, so don't just go ahead and save them on your device, you can download the whole collection from the Download Section.

Beautiful. Aren't they? Well, let us now move on to the download iOS 13 Wallpaper Collection Section. Should we?

Download iOS 13 Wallpaper Collection

You can download the complete iOS 13 Wallpaper Collection by clicking on the download button below.

Download iOS 13 Stock Wallpapers

Once you have downloaded the above zip file, you can extract the Wallpapers using any zip compression utility application like the 7Zip, ES File Explorer for Android. That's it! Now, simply choose the wallpaper which you liked from the collection and set it as your Wallpaper.

So that's it guys, this was our take on Download iOS 13 Wallpapers. We hope that you found this post useful. Let us know which wallpaper you liked the most in the comments section down below.