7 Advantages And Benefits Of Using A Software Tool For Dispatching And Scheduling Your Business Resources

In this post, we would be covering 7 Advantages And Benefits Of Using A Software Tool For Dispatching And Scheduling Your Business Resources that can help

Imagine a situation where you are running a 1000-unit fleet. Now think of the number of calls you have to make around your team and your customers to keep everyone up-to-date.

Let's say that you spend a minimum of a minute with your drivers on call daily. Now, that would be 1000 minutes spent on the call.

16 hours, boy!

Now, you don't even want to calculate the time spent on the call with your customers!

As much as you'd like to believe this to be a hypothesis, to Windy City Limousine & Bus, it was a game of life and death. Windy City's aim has always been to put its customers at the forefront, for which they needed real-time location and communication facilities.

It was at this bottleneck situation that Samsara came to the aid of Windy City. With Samsara's dispatch softwareWindy City is now able to share live links of vehicle location to its customers.

The result?

Windy City is reducing its monthly dispatch call volume by 30%, which is typically 500 hours of its internal phone conversations.

Further, with the appendage of live engine diagnostics, Windy City's dispatch department is leveraging the fault code alerts in its vehicles.

“If there is a vehicle breakdown or a vehicle is disabled, we’re able to log in and see what kind of engine codes are being thrown up. They’re able to call the chauffeur and not ask too many questions because they already know the answers.”

- Ryan Kaczmarski, Director of IT at Windy City

Thus, knowing what's going on already, Windy City is shortening half-an-hour phone calls to a minute or two, to discuss the technical glitch.

At the end of the day, you can't ignore the fact that Windy City is living up to its ambition.

The same success story can be yours to celebrate, too, if only you'd open your eyes to the manifold blessings of the fleet management system. Let's now convince you to write your success story!

The Top 7 Benefits of Dispatching & Scheduling Software for Your Business

1. GPS Tracking and Mapping for A Synoptic View

While running a huge fleet, it's only common sense to monitor where your vehicles are and what your drivers are doing behind the wheel.

With GPS tracking, you can pinpoint the coordinates of every driver in your fleet. You can see the routes they take to make the deliveries and also monitor their speedometer.

Besides you exerting an eagle eye on your drivers, the GPS trackers have bountiful benefits for your drivers too. By delivering real-time insights, your drivers would be able to predict traffic and determine alternate routes, to make timely deliveries.

2. Automated Scheduling for An Informed Action Plan

When you automate repetitive tasks across your business operations, you can scale up efficiently. Scheduling software helps you accomplish this in your ever-growing fleet business by tracking the jobs that have been assigned with an insight into available drivers.

You can choose to either partially or fully automate your scheduling. With Gantt charts and maps, you can assign loads to drivers. The drag-and-drop features would make your management easier.

As you identify the availability of your drivers for tasks, you would be able to significantly enhance your efficacy and, in turn, customer satisfaction. Since your dispatchers would have all the tools they would need to make informed decisions, you would reduce the time spent in scheduling your tasks.

This saving in the form of time can be leveraged for leveling up your business strategy.

3. Real-Time Insights for Real-Time Solutions

Consider a scenario where you're offering catering services coupled with dispatches on a large-scale. Let's say that you get an order for 100 counts for a birthday party.

Your chefs would make a delicious cuisine, and your dispatcher would send the food with your fleet driver. Everything is smooth until now.

But what a mess would it be for the vehicle on the job to break down! Instead of serving warm meat, you would end up warming up near the vehicle engine!

However, with a fleet software,you would immediately be notified of the incident. With this real-time data, you would have access to the location at which your driver is stuck, along with the location details of drivers in the surrounding region.

This way, you'd be able to assign the task to another driver who's just freeing up and is within the vicinity, while the vehicle under trauma is also repaired.

What's more, your satisfied customer wouldn't even make a guess of what's happened behind the screens.

4. Automated Notifications for Tracking Shipments

While operating a large fleet, it's quite an arduous task to track all your shipments. But it won't be any longer, with a dispatch and scheduling software.

Whether it's a courier shipment or goods delivery, your clients can be automatically notified of the impending arrivals to make the necessary preparations. Similarly, delays in shipment can also be intimated.

What's more, if you're operating a fleet for the K-12 sector, you can keep worried parents informed about any delay in their ward's arrival back home. This way, you can avoid wasting your time in phone calls.

5. Routing Information for Deft Driving

Let's understand that your fleet drivers are most often treading untrodden paths. That said, if they are going to depend on the people on the road to guide them to their destination, then there's a high risk of breaching the delivery timeline.

Also, if the only route your drivers knew to your client's place is jammed, then again, you'd disappoint your customer.

That's where the routing feature of your dispatching software gives your drivers information about traffic and identifies the shortest and optimal routes to their destination in terms of time and distance.

This way, your drivers would never step on your customers' thresholds tardily!

6. AI Dash Cameras for Protection

If you're managing trailers under your fleet, it's natural for you to be anxious over its safety and, of course, of that of your drivers.

When an untoward happening makes its entrance unannounced, the AI-driven dashboard cameras will capture the footage of the incident. Further, your driver would be able to send an SOS signal, through which you can send him timely help.

Into the bargain, you'd be able to exonerate innocent drivers when calamity strikes, while you can avail it as the rod of discipline to your unruly drivers.

7. Dispatching and Scheduling Software for Customer Satisfaction

The aforementioned assets not only upscale your business operations but help you accomplish your ultimate goal of satisfying your customers.

According to a recent study, 25 percent of the consumers abandon shopping when the same day promised delivery disappoints them. This just goes on to say how important customer appeasement is.

And that's just what the features of your dispatching and scheduling software accomplish for your business!

Spice Up Your Game!

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